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Why Us?

We are a medical clinic owned and operated by medical practitioners experienced in cosmetic and laser procedures. We have a professional and ethical team approach of qualified doctors, nurses and dermal clinicians working together to give you the best possible results in the safest possible way. We have doctors on site to maintain the highest standards of care and safety and we have a longstanding history of over 20 years of proven results.

  • Honest and realistic expectations
  • Conservative and thorough approach
  • Highest standards of care and safety
  • Professional and ethical standards
  • Respect for patient privacy
  • Personalised service
  • World class equipment and products
  • Qualified, experienced and meticulously trained staff
  • Patient empowerment and education
  • Effective treatments with long term results
Why Us?

We are not part of a franchise or chain of clinics run by business owners with sales targets and high pressure tactics to upsell into unnecessary and costly procedures and products.

We know anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers are prescription only Schedule 4 drugs because of the risks they have associated with their use. These drugs legally require a doctor’s prescription and we believe it is not best medical practice that this is done over Skype in a beauty salon or at a social event.

We know that the lasers used in cosmetic work have the potential to cause injury, and in particular eye damage, which is why they are classified as Class 4 devices. We also know in Victoria the Government has failed to regulate the use of cosmetic lasers and that there are currently no regulations to protect the general public that control the quality of laser machines being imported and used, the location of where Class 4 lasers can be operated and no requirement for minimum training and qualifications to use these devices. We believe that the safest and best results with lasers are when medical grade lasers are used in an approved medical laser clinic environment by experienced University qualified staff under medical supervision.

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