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Carbon Laser Toning

This skin treatment falls under a couple of more recognisable names. In the USA, it’s called the ‘Hollywood Facial’, and in Asia, it’s referred to as the ‘China Doll Peel’.

How it works

This skin rejuvenation treatment combines the use of a Carbon Serum Mask with a Q-Switch Laser Treatment. A layer of liquid carbon is applied and penetrates deep into the pores. Light is attracted to the carbon particles, which absorb toxins and excess oils. When a laser is applied to the face, the particles are blasted away. It’s a pain-free skin procedure that takes less than an hour. Over a series of treatments, the skin tone becomes more even, the texture improves and the skin complexion is brightened.

Carbon Laser Toning


Along with an improved cosmetic appearance, Carbon Laser Toning can be used to clear acne and congestion, and reduce pore size, fine lines and wrinkles.



Avoid sun exposure prior to your treatment.


Normal activities can be recommenced immediately. It is a perfect lunchtime treatment.

A broad spectrum sunscreen can be applied after treatment.

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