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Laser Toning

Stimulates collagen and skin repair.

Laser Toning is a very popular method of using medical grade lasers to stimulate collagen with minimal discomfort and no downtime.

How it works

The REVLITE laser is a Q-Switch laser that produces short nanosecond laser pulses, and these pulses are delivered in a Photoacoustic Technology Pulse (PTP) mode that can gently heat the dermal layers to stimulate collagen and skin repair with no downtime.

You will start to see the benefits after 4-5 treatments, and for the best results we recommend 10 treatments.


A series of Laser Toning treatments create a smoother, healthier looking complexion. Laser Toning can also be used to treat certain stretch marks and superficial scarring and is suitable for all skin types, including tanned skin.



Avoid excessive sun exposure before treatment. Any makeup or sunscreen will need to be removed.


Avoid excessive sun exposure. Makeup and sunscreen can be applied immediately after treatment. Normal activities can be resumed immediately after treatment.

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