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Facial Shape

Squareness of the jaw is more consistent with a masculine appearance than a feminine one and it is an increasingly requested procedure to try and change jaw shape. Many patients especially of Asian background are particularly unhappy with the square shape of their jaw. A major cause of jaw squareness is bulkiness of the muscle at the corner of the jaw called the Masseter. In other patients overactivity of this Masseter muscle can result in ‘bruxism’ otherwise known as teeth grinding. Some patients with strong Masseters also develop jaw pain just in front of the ear because of stress on the TMJ (Temporomandibular joint).

How it works

Reducing the size of the Masseter muscle can change the shape of the jaw. The same product that is used in Anti-Wrinkle injections is used to inject the Masseter muscle. Through a small number of tiny injections (4-5 injections on each side) the bulk and strength of the Masseter muscle is reduced.


This is a non-surgical treatment that can safely and quickly be performed as a lunch time procedure. The injections are not painful and are very effective in reducing the square appearance of the face and will also weaken the jaw muscle to control teeth grinding and improve jaw pain.



No specific preparation is necessary.


Normal activities can be resumed immediately. Expect that you may have more difficulty chewing something very tough like a steak.

Before and after


Before and after images are presented purely as a reference point of the results that can be achieved. Everyone is unique and outcomes will vary and realistic expectations need to be discussed on a case by case basis.

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