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Sun Damage – Men

Treatments for photodamage.

The skin has a protective function against Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun which can cause molecular damage to cellular DNA. However, as a consequence the skin suffers damage over time to both the surface epidermal layer (which contains pigment cells and basal cells) and the deeper dermal layer (which contains blood vessels and the collagen and elastin that gives skin its structural support). We call damage to the skin by sunlight as Photodamage and as it can result in premature ageing effects in the skin the term Photoageing is also sometimes used.

Sun Damage: Our Approach

Our Approach

With over 20 years of experience in treating men with sun damaged skin we understand that many men are poor in using creams and sunscreens and that any skincare program needs to be explained clearly and to be adhered to by men needs to be as simple as possible. When using lasers and injectable treatments in men we understand that most men are time poor and want fast results with minimal downtime.

About the condition

Sun damage results in 5 main types of changes to the skin:

  • The skin experiences redness, such as broken capillaries, more generalised redness, and flushing (diffuse redness). It’s most common on the face, neck, and chest.
  • There are changes in pigment. The uneven concentration of pigment in the skin becomes more evident as we age, particularly with excessive sun exposure, and causes brown spots or generalised uneven pigmentation. Loss of pigment can also occur, resulting in white patches (hypopigmentation).
  • There are changes in texture. Mature skin loses moisture and thickens on the face, hands, and chest. Pore size also often increases.
  • Wrinkles become visible. Repeated muscle movement over the years results in increased wrinkles and lines. Loss of skin elasticity and facial volume as we age amplifies the wrinkles. Mature skins also experience sagging and deepening of wrinkles around folds of the cheeks and mouth.
  • Cell damage caused by sun exposure. They include basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinomas and melanomas.

How it works

One of the commonest concerns for men is the uneven colour of their skin caused by sun damage. Typically areas of redness and areas of brown pigmentation can both develop, especially on the face. Fortunately these areas can be very effectively treated and controlled by laser and light based treatments.

The majority of men when they present with sun damage on the face already have significant lines and wrinkles and are past simple topical and surface dermal treatments. A combination approach of anti-wrinkle injections to stop the overactivity of facial muscles especially on the forehead and around the eyes, dermal fillers to replace lost volume and treatments to stimulate new collagen formation such as the INFINI are often needed.

Skin dysplasia and pre-cancers can be spot treated with liquid nitrogen or excision. Large areas can be treated with prescription creams or photodynamic therapy (PDT). A topical amino acid is applied as a cream to make the skin photosensitive, and then a light source is used to destroy the abnormal cells.


Skin is returned to a more youthful appearance. Pre-cancerous skin conditions are treated before they progress to more severe forms or cause damage to the surface.



Our team will advise you on the necessary steps you need to take before you embark on one of our treatment plans.


Our team will advise you on the necessary aftercare based on your treatment plan.

Before and after


Before and after images are presented purely as a reference point of the results that can be achieved. Everyone is unique and outcomes will vary and realistic expectations need to be discussed on a case by case basis.

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