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Skin Needling

Skin needling is a long established skin treatment method that involves using very fine needles to create small punctures in the skin which can then rejuvenate and improve the appearance of the skin. The types of Skin Needling include dermal pens, stamps and rollers and it is also called Collagen Induction Technique (CIT) because of how it works.

About the condition

A needle puncturing the surface of the skin stimulates a healing response, which can result in the production of new collagen. More collagen improves skin texture and can also reduce fine lines and rejuvenate the appearance of the skin. By using very tiny needles, it results in micro trauma, and this means there is little or no downtime after treatment.

At Collins Cosmetic we use the small DERMAPEN for localised areas, the DERMASTAMP for slightly bigger areas and the INFINI for large areas. New methods and protocols have greatly improved the results of skin needling such as combining it with Radiofrequency energy.

It has been found that skin needling can greatly improve the absorption and effectiveness of products applied to the surface of the skin, as they can penetrate deeper through the micro channels created by the needling. Enhanced absorption has found skin needling being combined very effectively with PRP (your own blood), cosmeceuticals, hyaluronic acid serum and with Peels.

Skin Needling: About The Condition


Skin needling is a simple yet effective skin rejuvenation technique with minimal downtime that can be tailored to suit each individual circumstance. It can be used to treat small localised areas like a small depressed scar, target otherwise hard to treat superficial lines around the mouth and under the eyes and significantly improve areas like cheek lines and wrinkles which are hard to treat even with anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers.



Any make up or sunscreen will need to be removed before treatment.


Some redness is common after skin needling but usually only lasts a few hours. Bruising is surprisingly very uncommon as the needles used are so tiny. Sun exposure is not as big of an issue after needling techniques compared to laser based treatments.

Some patients who want to minimise any possible skin reaction have an LED session straight after their needling treatment.

If makeup needs to be used after treatment we recommend using a breathable product such as LYCOGEL.

When very sensitive areas are treated, like under the eyes, some swelling can occur and it is recommended to sleep with an extra pillow for 2 nights after treatment.

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