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Spider Veins

Recover your confidence with our spider vein therapies

If you cover your legs because you hate your spider veins, now is the time to get those legs out again. Our spider vein treatments can help restore your confidence in giving you smoother, clearer and younger looking legs. Our treatments can also help if your spiders veins throb or cause you pain, leaving your legs clear and pain-free.


Our Approach

We are a medical clinic that has had a special interest in treating Spider Veins for over 20 years. We have the full range of treatment options and that allows us to customise treatments to suit each individual situation. Our aim when treating Spider Veins is to achieve the biggest improvement as quickly as possible with the most cost effective option.

About the condition

Spider veins are usually caused by a number of factors including hormones, pregnancy and family history. They’re especially common in women, with around 50% of all women living with spider veins at some point in their lives.

Spider veins can look like anything from a few spider web-looking lines, to a dark cluster that resembles a bruise. The colour of spider veins ranges from fine red veins to thicker blue veins that often bulge on the surface.


How it works

Spider Veins on the leg are best treated by these surface-based treatments:

  • Surface Injections: Most patients with spider veins respond best to Surface injection treatment. We call these injections Microsclerotherapy because it involves the use of very fine (micro) needles to inject a solution to seal off (sclerose) and destroy leg veins (therapy). This is regarded as the gold standard treatment for leg veins, and as well as the most effective option for the majority of patients, it is also a versatile procedure that can target larger Varicose Veins at the same time.
  • Surface Laser: This is a process called Photocoagulation because light (photo) is used to seal off unwanted spider veins. Different laser wavelengths can be needed, depending on whether the spider veins are blue or red. Skin cooling is important and is a vital part of this treatment.
  • Surface Radiofrequency: This process uses a machine called the VEINGOGH that produces radiofrequency energy to heat up and close down the veins. A tiny probe touches the skin and short pulses of radiofrequency heat are delivered.


The benefits of spider vein treatments aren’t only aesthetic, they’re effective at giving pain relief too. Treatments offer:

  • Clearer, younger-looking legs without visible veins and vein clusters
  • Legs free from swelling, burning, throbbing and cramping due to spider veins
  • Renewed confidence to wear shorts and leg-revealing skirts



Avoid excess sun exposure and any other skin treatments, including waxing, on the legs in the week before treatment. On the day of treatment do not apply any creams or moisturisers to the legs.


Normal activities can be resumed after treatment but you should avoid heavy leg exercises at the gym for at least 48 hours. Extra walking is important after Sclerotherapy treatments and Compression stockings may also need to be worn for several days. After Laser and Radiofrequency treatments sun exposure needs to be avoided for at least 1 week.

Before and after


Before and after images are presented purely as a reference point of the results that can be achieved. Everyone is unique and outcomes will vary and realistic expectations need to be discussed on a case by case basis.

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