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Photo Dynamic Therapy

Non-surgical light-based skin treatments.

Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) is a non-surgical treatment that uses a naturally occurring amino acid solution called ALA (Amino Levulenic Acid) to activate a reaction with a specific light source.

It can be used to treat areas of sun damaged skin and precancers, specific skin cancers, sunspots, and acne.

How it works

The amino acid is absorbed by the target cells (such as damaged cells or oil glands) and it makes these cells sensitive to light (photosensitive). There are various protocols, which involve waiting a period after applying the solution to the skin, often for 1-2 hours but sometimes longer. This waiting time is called the ‘incubation time’ and allows the solution to be absorbed fully by the skin cells being targeted. The treated skin is then exposed to a light source such as BBL, Excel V laser, and then to LED light. The absorbed light then destroys these target cells.



Sun damaged skin needs to be prepared for 2 weeks before treatment with a special skincare program. You need to be ready to avoid direct sunlight immediately after treatment and for the next 48 hours so it is important to be prepared regarding what you are wearing, how you are getting home and what your activities will be in the next 2 days.


You need to avoid sun exposure for 48 hours after PDT treatment, and there can be quite a bit of skin reaction with redness and peeling. Application of cold packs and the use of soothing creams can help reduce the sunburn like effect. Daily sunscreen use is very important after PDT.

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