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Dermaplaning is a gentle exfoliating treatment with no downtime. Say goodbye to “peach-fuzz” and hello to smoother, brighter looking skin.

Our Approach

The treatment is suited to anyone wanting to improve the appearance of dull, lackluster skin and is particularly good for people wanting to remove the vellus hairs or “peach fuzz” that cannot be treated with lasers. Dermaplaning is also a great pre-event treatment, perfect for a smooth, flawless makeup application. Combine it with a peel and LED for added hydration and glow!

Dermaplaning is not suitable for anyone with moderate to serve active acne, moderate-severe rosacea, those with fine, fragile skin or anyone with open wounds or infections in the area being treated.

How it works

During the treatment, a sterile, single-use surgical blade is skillfully glided across the surface of the skin to remove surface skin cells and fine vellus hairs, revealing soft, smooth skin with improved texture and brightness.


Improved texture.

Brighter complexion.

Removal of vellus hairs ‘peach fuzz’.

Instantly smoother skin.

Better product penetration.


Before and after

Before and after images are presented purely as a reference point of the results that can be achieved. Everyone is unique and outcomes will vary and realistic expectations need to be discussed on a case by case basis.

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