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Varicose Veins

Restore your legs to their normal former life.

If you’re self-conscious about Varicose Veins on your legs, now is the time to recover your confidence and show off clear, rejuvenated legs. Our Varicose Vein treatments can relieve symptoms as well as restore your legs to their natural, smooth canvas.

Truncal Varicose Vein: Treat Ultrasound Guided Radiofrequency

Our Approach

Our experience in treating Varicose Veins for over 20 years makes us well placed to give realistic expectations. Our range of treatments allows us to work with you to determine the optimal cost effective choice with Surgery being the absolute last option. Our aim is about achieving the best long term results with minimal downtime and immediate return to normal activity.

About the condition

Varicose Veins are enlarged blood vessels that form beneath the skin surface. The one-way valves in the veins that would normally channel the blood back to the heart do not function properly, causing the blood to ‘pool’ in the veins.

This pooling stretches the veins, creating swollen and twisted blood vessels that appear under the skin as blue, rope-like veins. These veins can become large and unattractive and can produce symptoms such as tired, heavy, aching, burning, itching or cramping legs.

Varicose Veins

How it works

With modern technology, nearly all Varicose Vein Treatments can be performed in a Leg Vein clinic without hospital, surgery or downtime.

The choice of which treatment is best for you will vary depending on a number of factors, including the size and position of your Varicose Veins, and whether there are any underlying blood flow or reflux problems.

Most Varicose Veins can be treated by surface sclerotherapy if there is no significant underlying venous pathology.

When Varicose Veins are associated with underlying venous pathology, managing these deeper veins requires either Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy (UGS), EndoVenous Laser Treatment (EVLT) or Radiofrequency.

At the Collins Cosmetic Clinic we specialise in minimally invasive leg vein treatments without surgery. After a Leg Vein Consultation and Ultrasound assessment of your Varicose Veins with one of our doctors in the rare situation that surgery is needed then this can be arranged for you.


The benefits of Varicose Vein treatments aren’t only aesthetic, they’re effective at achieving pain relief too. Our Varicose Vein treatments can create:

  • Clearer, younger-looking legs without dark blue veins and vein clusters
  • Legs free from swelling, burning, throbbing and cramping due to Varicose Veins
  • Renewed confidence to wear shorts and leg-revealing skirts



Avoid any creams or mositurisers on your legs on the day of your treatment. If you already have compression stockings bring these with you to the appointment. You will need to tell us if you plan any long distance plane flights in the month after treatment. Wear comfortable shoes to the treatment as you will need to walk afterwards.


Normal activities and work can be resumed immediately after treatment but you will need to take a walk at a steady pace for at least 30 minutes immediately after treatment. Daily walking is also important for 2 weeks after treatment. You will need to wear compression stockings, with the time necessary varying with your exact treatment but can be for 1-2 weeks. It is advisable to avoid strenuous gym workouts for 1 week after treatment as this can reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

Before and after


Before and after images are presented purely as a reference point of the results that can be achieved. Everyone is unique and outcomes will vary and realistic expectations need to be discussed on a case by case basis.

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