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Skin Analysis

Professional skin evaluation.

Skin Analysis is the detailed evaluation of the condition and health of your skin. Using this information, our clinicians can recommend the best course of treatment for your short and long-term skin rejuvenation goals.

How it works

A direct examination can assess the level of oil and hydration and the presence of any skin disease or damage. Using polarised light, our clinicians reveal surface irregularities and pore size. Magnification can identify surface blood vessels and brown spots, Ultraviolet light can help distinguish between superficial (epidermal) and deep (dermal) pigment.

The Canfield REVEAL imager (a computer controlled imager) can produce photographic records of skin analysis to help in treatment planning and also allows comparisons to be made over time.

We use various scales to assess your skin such as Fitzpatrick Skin Type (that grades skin from Type 1-6 based on skin reaction to the sun), Burton Acne Scale (that ranks the degree of acne) and Glogau Wrinkling severity scale (that assesses the degree of photoageing).


Skin Analysis can help identify the root causes of your skin concern and it allows us to recommend a treatment plan based on these findings. Having baseline records also allows us to monitor response to treatment and improvement over time.



No preparation is necessary but any make up or sunscreen will need to be removed.


During and after your Skin Analysis our Dermal Clinician will advise the best skincare regime to help with the health and appearance of your skin. If skin treatments are necessary then advice will be given on the best way to prepare your skin to get the best results from clinic treatments.

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