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Skin Consultations at Cosmetic & Laser Medical

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Skin Consultations at Cosmetic & Laser Medical
  • Published

    May 30, 2014

  • Written by

    Dr Garth Dicker

An intial skin consultation is one of the most important steps in establishing a client’s main skin concerns and beginning our skin journey with them.  At the Collins Cosmetic Clinic we strongly recommend having a skin consultation before medical grade skin treatments, even if you have had skin treatments elsewhere in the past.  The skin consultation lays the foundation for both the clinician and the client, as it establishes your current skin condition, as well as giving the clinician an understanding of a clients concerns, providing a treatment plan, expected outcome and pricing.

At the Collins Cosmetic Clinic the initial skin consultation is with a Dermal Clinician.  Dermal Clinicians have a University Degree in Health Science, specialising in skin.  What you can expect from your skin consultation is: acknowledgment of your concerns; realistic expectations outlined and explained; skin assessed and analysed with computer imaging; education on the condition of your skin; outline of a treatment plan and advice on cosmeceutical skincare.  Where laser treatments are recommended it may be indicated to perform a laser test patch to check for skin reaction prior to laser treatment.

Appropriate skincare advice is critical in helping to correct or reverse current skin damage and preventing further skin damage occurring in the future.  It needs to be appreciated that the right skincare can often be as effective as many treatments particularly when appropriate cosmeceuticals are prescribed.

Questions about your skin to expect during your consultation include:

  • “Tell me about your skin”
  • “Have you noticed any changes in your skin?”
  • “Is there anything that bothers you about your skin right now?”
  • “What treatments have you had done in the past”
  • “What skin care products are you currently using?”
  • “What changes would you like to see in your skin?”

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