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  • Published

    October 6, 2020

  • Written by

    Dr Garth Dicker

In Australia we have 3 different medications that the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) has approved to choose from when we perform Anti-Wrinkle injections. We have used all these products over the years and they all work, but they are also quite different in many aspects. Comparing Anti-Wrinkle injection options is very much like comparing Apples and Oranges. Importantly, whilst they all work, which is why they are approved, they are different and 1 unit of one product is not the same as 1 unit of another, either in cost or effectiveness.

At the Collins Cosmetic Clinic, our doctors and nurses are often asked by our patients which product is best. We do have a definite number one choice, but we cannot name that medication in a blog article, as the TGA would regard that as advertising a Schedule 4 drug. This article will describe why we believe one Anti-Wrinkle product is a standout and why it is our first choice for our patients.

Our clinic is doctor owned and has doctors on site. We are not part of a chain of clinics and we do not base medical decisions on marketing and profit margins. We base them on our experience of over 20 years in using Anti-Wrinkle injections and scientific clinical studies.

Scientific studies can be quite confusing to the general public and often seem contradictory. We all know of hearing that a study has found a certain food is good for us then not long after we hear another study finds it is bad for us! The thing to realise is that not all scientific studies are equal in importance.

Having done both an undergraduate research degree and a postgraduate PhD in medicine I look for certain qualities in scientific studies. The first thing to ask is who paid for the research as unfortunately this sometimes influences the findings. For example, one UK study funded by the Murine eye drop company found 70% of men listed eyes as the first feature they noticed in a woman. A similar questionnaire study, this one funded by Pantene the shampoo manufacturer, found instead that hair was the first physical quality that men notice in a woman. The shampoo sponsored study also reported that 60% of men said they would rather date a woman with great hair than big breasts!

The best scientific studies share certain features notably

  • Multi Centre: Conducted at more than one location
  • Double Blind: Which means neither the researcher nor the patient knows what is being administered
  • Placebo Controlled: Some patients are given an inactive product (the placebo)
  • Phase 3 Study: Compares safety and efficacy against a current treatment method over a long period
  • Large Numbers: If feasible at least 300 participants
  • Long Duration: Ideally over at least one year

                                                     COMPARING APPLES AND ORANGES

The first thing that our experience and knowledge from scientific studies has told us about Anti-Wrinkle injection products is that they are very different. The 3 approved products are not interchangeable as they are manufactured and purified differently and have different biological activity and clinical profile. The key features that we regard as important for Anti-Wrinkle Injections are:

Precision and reliability

The Anti-wrinkle products spread differently when injected and one product spreads less than the others. The more controlled the spread the better the result and the less chance of effecting other muscles and getting unwanted side effects such as a droopy eye.

Rapid Onset

One product has been shown to work within 2 days and have had 100% of its effect within 7 days.

Long Lasting efficacy

One product shows with adequate dosing there are results lasting for 4-6 months

Progressive improvement

One product has studies showing there is a progressive improvement with repeated treatments over time. This means better longevity.

Long term safety

One product has the longest proven safety record. Studies have shown that this product is one of safest medications in the world in terms of toxicity. One German study on what is called the ‘Therapeutic range’ compared the safety of one product to the recommended daily dose of some common medications. They found this Anti-Wrinkle product had a relative safety margin that was 25 times safer than the common heart medication Digoxin, 10 times safer than the local anaesthetic injection Lidocaine (that your dentist uses on your dental visits) and 7 times safer than Aspirin which you can buy at the Supermarket!

High patient satisfaction

One product has over 280 publications demonstrating high patient satisfaction. These include patients consistently reporting that they feel younger and more relaxed after the treatment of facial lines. Other studies on self-perception of age after treating the Frown lines with this product have recorded patients thinking that they look on average 5 years younger.

Which product then?

It should serve as no surprise that the product we prefer has the most clinical studies to support it, the largest number of approved medical as well as cosmetic indications and has the longest proven safety track record. Anti-Wrinkle injections are one of our most popular procedures at the Collins Cosmetic Clinic and can be used for many conditions with great results When we treat a patient with an Anti-Wrinkle injection product, our aim is to achieve an individual, targeted and natural looking result and at the Collins Cosmetic Clinic we believe we can achieve that more reliably and effectively with one product more than the others.

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