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Lower Face Expressions

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Lower Face Expressions
  • Published

    March 24, 2014

  • Written by

    Dr Garth Dicker

Every face is unique, and we all want ours to look and feel as best as possible. At Collins Cosmetic Clinic, we can help you achieve results that will make your skin look younger, and feel fresher.

Understanding how we age, and how our faces work, can give us greater insight into managing our skin. In this video, we briefly examine the lower face, showing how it changes through ageing, and what you can do to treat and prevent wrinkles to improve the quality of your skin.

What is the lower face?

The lower face describes the areas around the mouth and chin; an area that can create quite visible signs of ageing over time if left untreated. The lower face has four specific points that enhance the signs of ageing: the corners of the mouth, pre-jowl area, chin wrinkles, and smile lines. Let’s look at these points in more detail:

Mouth corners: The corners of the mouth have a tendency to droop with age, resulting in a downward depression, caused by a loss of volume directly below the mouth.  Often, this drooping will result in a permanent looking frown.

Pre-jowl: The pre-jowl area is located on either side of the chin. Volume loss with ageing results in sagging of the skin, leaving the pre-jowl area looking hollow.

Smile lines: Smile lines, also known as nasolabial folds, are lines that form whenever you smile, running from the edge of the nose to the corners of the mouth. Volume loss and skin elasticity can create a look of chronic fatigue and unhappiness as we age.

Chin Wrinkles: Chin wrinkles are lines that gradually form across the chin over time, resulting from volume loss through ageing.

Treatment for the lower face

Muscle relaxation treatments – also known as wrinkle treatments – are a non-surgical procedure involving natural proteins that act to relax wrinkle-causing muscles, rejuvenating the appearance of affected areas.

Relaxants are used primarily to treat areas of the face where wrinkles tend to build up: as we’ve seen, the lower face has a number of points at which wrinkles appear with age, from mouth corners, to pre-jowls and nasolabial folds. In addition to eliminating lines, muscle relaxants are also an effective method for preventing further wrinkles formation.

How Collins Cosmetic Clinic can help you:

At Collins Cosmetic Clinic our treatments for targeting lower face wrinkles are quick and unobtrusive. You can expect to see visible results within days following your treatment, with full results taking effect within a week.

At Collins Cosmetic Clinic we have a wealth of experience in treating and advising clients on muscle relaxant procedures. We’ll work with you to effectively administer muscle relaxants, removing wrinkles and restoring volume to your face in the process.

To learn more about managing and treating your lower face for healthier looking skin, or to book an appointment, contact Collins Cosmetic Clinic and speak to one of our expert clinicians about treating your lines and wrinkles today.

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