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Do’s and Don’ts for your skin this Summer

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Do’s and Don’ts for your skin this Summer
  • Published

    November 16, 2016

  • Written by

    Dr Garth Dicker

With Summer fast approaching and the pre Christmas party season just about on us it is definitely time to be thinking about how to be looking at your best in the coming months. Many procedures and treatments can be done all year round however others need more planning and some need to be avoided completely during the hot weather. Here are a few procedures that need some thought as to whether this is the best time of year or not to have treatment.


Laser hair removal is a very safe procedure when done correctly however the main time problems can arise is when treating tanned skin. A tan means the pigment cells in the skin have been stimulated by sun exposure to produce more pigment. Tanned skin is much more sensitive to hair removal lasers which work by targetting the pigment in dark hair roots to destroy unwanted hairs. If you have recently tanned AVOID laser hair removal to those areas until the tan has faded.

The other thing to consider is how soon after laser hair removal before you can go back out into the sun. This depends on how sensitive your skin is but for most people we advise waiting at least 2 weeks after laser hair removal before tanning that area and in some patients it may be advisable to be careful for as long as 4 weeks.


There is no real downtime with wrinkle injections but remember it can take 3-4 days before you notice the benefits.
If having wrinkle injections for the first time for a special event we advise you do it at least 2-3 weeks before the event. This is because on the first treatment we tend to be conservative with the number of units we use until we see how your body responds. Then if you need any fine tuning with a few more units there is time to make sure the result is exactly what you want.


Dermal Fillers need some planning. Try and leave at least 48 hours after having Dermal Fillers before any significant social event. There is usually some swelling for 1-2 days and even with the best and most experienced injectors bruising can sometimes occur.
If you tend to bruise easily then it is important to get advice from us on what things to do before and after treatment to reduce the risk of bruising. This includes advice on such things as which supplements and medications to avoid before filler treatment.

If minor bruising occurs breathable makeup such as LYCOGEL can be very effective in concealment. If significant bruising does occur the good news is that we can now help resolve this very quickly with the EXCEL V laser and this can be done as soon as 24 hours after treatment.


Facial redness is often much more noticeable in the hot weather and treatment with vascular lasers can result in a significant reduction in redness. Whilst we do treat this condition throughout the year remember a LASER is a heat source. If the outside temperature is high when you have a laser treatment, then not only are you at a greater risk of getting a more severe skin reaction in the first 24 hours, but any skin reactions will also tend to last much longer.

As a guide we advise you defer any facial laser treatments if the maximum temperature is expected to be above 30 degrees. Aftercare with cold packs and sleeping with extra pillows in the first 48 hours after facial laser treatment are also more important if having these types of treatments in Summer.


Unsightly Spider and Varicose Veins are never a good look, but whilst these can be covered up during the cooler weather, this isn’t so easy when shorts and bathers are the fashion. Great results in removing these ugly veins can be achieved through a range of treatment options depending on the pattern of veins, however, leg vein treatments are rarely a quick fix. Typically a series of treatments are needed spaced over a number of weeks, stockings may need to be worn after treatment for several days and bruising can occur after treatment that can take time to fade. If there are plans to be flying off on holidays then this can also be a factor that influences the timing of leg vein treatments, as in some patients there can be an increased risk of deep vein thrombosis if flying too soon after leg vein treatments.

The best advice is that if you have unsightly leg veins and have never had any treatment organise a Leg Vein Consultation as soon as possible to work out what would be involved in treatment. It is then a matter of discussing if the best time for leg vein treatment would be now or whether another time of year would be better.

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