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Common Leg Vein Treatment Questions?

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  • Published

    April 30, 2021

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    Collins Cosmetic Clinic

At the Collins Cosmetic Clinic we have successfully been treating leg vein problems for many years. Removing unwanted leg veins is in fact one of the most popular treatments we perform at our clinic. As a medical and cosmetic clinic we have several different leg vein treatment options and as a result we are able to treat the full range of leg vein problems, from large painful Varicose Veins all the way down to tiny unsightly Spider Veins. These treatment options are detailed on Treatment Category: Leg Veins | Collins Cosmetic Clinic

Our reception staff are often asked many questions by patients before they come in and here are some of the commonest things people want to know about Leg vein treatments.

  1. Why do I need a Leg Vein Consultation?

A Leg Vein Consultation is needed to assess your leg veins and work out what is the best treatment approach as there are a variety of treatment options. It is important to determine if there are any underlying problems with the deeper veins which requires a Doppler Ultrasound. It is also important to decide if any other investigations are needed such as a Mapping Scan. Having discussed a treatment plan then reasonable expectations need to be considered as some leg vein problems require maintenance treatments.

  1. Do I need to avoid anything before or after treatment?

Before treatment you should avoid tanning for 2 weeks if Laser treatment is being planned. If Sclerotherapy (microinjections) are being used it is important not to put any moisturiser on the skin in the 24 hours before treatment as small tapes need to be applied. You need to be prepared to wear stockings after treatment and walk for 30 minutes. After treatments we advise not doing heavy gym workouts for the next week in particular high intensity leg workouts as it can result in more bruising and reduce the effectiveness of treatments. We advise not planning on long distance plane flights for at least 2 weeks after treatment especially if deeper veins are treated. After treatment you can return to normal activity and work that day.


  1. Why do I need to wear stockings after treatment?

Stockings give compression and this improves the effectiveness of treatments, reduces bruising, and increases blood flow through the deeper veins to prevent any thrombosis (clots) in the deeper veins. The importance of stockings and how long they need to be worn varies with the size of the veins being treated. Larger and deeper veins can require stockings for 1-2 weeks. Surface veins usually need stockings for 4-5 days and we often recommend wearing continuously in the first 24 hours then they can be taken off to sleep and shower. We recommend medical grade compression hosiery with 20-30 compression rating and we provide these at cost price to patients.

  1. If I have injections what is injected?

There are 3 solutions approved for use in Australia and we use all of these in different situations, and they can be used at varying strengths. For surface veins the main solution is salt (saline) based and works by producing a bruise inside the vein. The body then breaks this down just like a bruise from a knock and in the process removes the vein.


  1. Are there side effects from injections?

The main thing that patients notice is bruising on the surface of the skin. This is minimised by wearing Stockings which is why they are so important after treatment. Sometimes when we treat larger varicose veins trapped blood can collect inside the vein which can be noticed as tender small lumps. This can take a few weeks to disappear, and massage can help break this down quicker if it occurs, but again Stockings help prevent this happening in the first place. If deep veins are treated, we need to be aware of any risk of deep vein thrombosis and sometime blood thinning medication may be prescribed for higher risk patients.



  1. Why do I need to wait 4 weeks between treatments?

When we treat Surface Veins we often recommend 4 weeks between treatments. This is to give time for any bruising to resolve, and also to allow us to gauge response to treatment. At follow up treatments we may need to adjust the strength of the injection solution or the power we are using with a Laser depending on how well the veins are disappearing and if there has been any skin reaction after the last treatment. If the time between treatments is longer than 4 weeks this is not a problem as each treatment is independent.

Nearly all Leg Vein problems can be treated non surgically in our clinic as a walk in walk out procedure with no downtime. Hopefully the answers to these common questions is helpful to know what might be expected. If you have any other questions regarding Leg Veins and treatment options or would like to make an appointment for a Leg Vein Consultation feel free to ring our rooms on 03 96545720 or email us on

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