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Wrinkles Treatment: 8 Point Approach

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Wrinkles Treatment: 8 Point Approach
  • Published

    March 29, 2014

  • Written by

    Dr Garth Dicker

Every face is unique, and we all want it to look and feel as best as possible. At Collins Cosmetic Clinic, we can help you achieve results that will make your skin look younger and feel fresher.

Understanding how we age, and how our faces work, can give us greater insight into managing our skin. In this video, we look at what effect volume loss and deficiency can have on our faces.

Volume is essential for maintaining smooth, facial curves in both men and women. Volume loss is a natural process that occurs as we age, and tell-tale signs include shadowing or hollowing out of the skin. To understand where volume loss is most prevalent, let’s take a closer look at the 8 key facial areas.

The Eight Points

The first two points are located around the upper cheek structure beneath the eye. If there is flatness in the cheekbone it can be a sign of volume loss. At Collins Cosmetic Clinic we can help you restore volume in this area to significantly improve your cheek structure.

The third point is located underneath the eye, close to the nose, in the tear troughs. If you see depressions in the cheek, you may require volume rejuvenation. Collins Cosmetic Clinic has a range of solutions for revitalising volume in this prominent area.

The fourth point is called nasolabial fold, located next to the nostrils. If you’ve noticed these deepening with age, it may be a sign that it is volume deficient, and that it requires revitalisation.

The fifth and sixth points are located around the mouth, at the corners and pre-jowl areas. If you have drooping in the corners, or depressions in the lower face, you may be volume deficient in these areas.

The seventh point can be seen in the jawline. Ageing alters the smooth curve that runs from the chin to the back of the jaw. If you have less definition in the jawline, you might benefit from volume rejuvenation at Collins Cosmetic Clinic.

The eighth point, in the mid-face, is particularly affected by volume loss. Over time cheeks that were once full and well defined can begin to look flat. If you notice a loss of full curves at the mid-face, or they appear hollow, Collins Cosmetic Clinic can help you revitalise this key area of your face.

Taken altogether, volume loss in these 8 distinct areas can drastically influence your overall appearance for the worse.

Treatment options at Collins Cosmetic Clinic

If you’ve noticed any signs of volume loss as a result of ageing in any of the 8 distinct points outlined above, Collins Cosmetic Clinic offers a range of treatment options for volume restoration.

Dermal fillers are the most popular option for volumising the areas beneath the eyes to enhance, rejuvenate and restore structure that give natural looking results. Volumising fillers improve structure, volume and youthful contours to more prominent areas of the face like jaw lines and cheeks.

To learn more about the benefits of volume regeneration, or to book an appointment, contact Collins Cosmetic Clinic and speak to one of our expert clinicians.

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