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My experience with the Tixel eye treatment

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  • Published

    October 26, 2022

  • Written by

    Tamika Taylor

One of my favourite treatments at the Collins Cosmetic Clinic is the Tixel eye treatment.

Tixel is a resurfacing treatment that uses short-contact, direct heat to target the surface of the skin, creating a controlled wound which will stimulate collagen and elastin production. Because Tixel is not a light-based device, we are able to safely treat around the eye area – including over the lids without the need for eye shields. This treatment is suitable for anyone with fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area, mild hooding of the lids, skin crepiness and mild loss of elasticity.

My eye area has always been my main concern, particularly the signs of mild hooding and loss of elasticity. I have previously had one Tixel eye treatment, however a few weeks ago my colleague performed a more intensive Tixel eye treatment on me.

In the weeks prior to my treatment my skin had been prepped using cosmeceutical ingredients including vitamin B3, vitamin C, and vitamin A to help support collagen synthesis, reduce the risk of adverse reactions, and improve healing.

Day of treatment: Because I opted for a more intensive treatment, part of my eye area was numbed for 30 minutes, which made most of the treatment very comfortable. Areas that were unable to having numbing cream were slightly uncomfortable, however the discomfort lasted for less than a second. After the treatment, as the numbing cream began to wear off, my skin started to feel quite warm, like an intense sunburn. The treated area was also very red and slightly swollen, both which lasted for a few hours.

For the 6 hours after treatment, is important to keep the area clean and avoid touching. A special serum had already been applied to my skin so before I went to bed, I just patted on some La Roche-Posay (LRP) cicaplast cream to keep the area moisturised.

Day 2. By the second day the heat and swelling had subsided however the area was still pink.  Only gentle products should be used while the skin is still healing. I was using Cerave hydrating cleanser, LRP cicaplast and LRP 50+ SPF

Day 3.  On day 3 the treated area began to bronze and develop mild flaking. When this happens, it is important not to pick or rub the area. Keep the area well moisturised and let any flakiness fall  off on its own.

Day 5. Most of the pinkness and flakiness had subsided, – flakiness only visible when wearing makeup. I began to re-introduce my normal skincare routine, avoiding vit A around the eye area.

Day 7. Redness and flakiness subsided.

Results: Immediately, and the few weeks after my treatment I noticed an immediate tightening of the periorbital skin. This is an immediate result that will gradually subside and then continue to build and improve with subsequent treatments over the next 3-6 months as the collagen and elastin strengthen and matures.


Who is this the Tixel eye treatment suitable for? The Tixel eye treatment is not a replacement for eyelid surgery but is suitable for anyone with concerns of fines lines and wrinkles around the eye area or mild loss of elasticity or hooding on the upper lids. It can also be used as a treatment for dry eye.

How many treatments are required and how often? The intensity of settings will determine how many treatments are needed. Generally, 3-6 treatments are required spaced every 6- 8 weeks. More intense settings may require the skin to be prepped with cosmeceuticals for 2-4 weeks prior to treatment.

What is the downtime like? Again, downtime will vary depending on the intensity of settings and can be anywhere between 3-10 days.

When will I see results? Some results will be noticed immediately, however, the full results of the treatment won’t be seen until 3-6 months post your final treatment.

Is there anything I should do before my treatment? Although Tixel is a safe treatment, there is a very small risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, particularly in individuals with a darker skin type.  Sometimes the skin may need to be prepped with topical ingredients for 2 weeks prior to treatment and often a test patch will be performed during your initial consultation.


If you have any other questions about TIXEL or would like to make an appointment you can ring our rooms on 03 96545720 or email reception on

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