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What is Tixel and does it really work?

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  • Published

    January 20, 2021

  • Written by

    Dr Garth Dicker

The latest device that cosmetic doctors and dermal therapists around the world have been talking about is the TIXEL. But why all the hype? Do we really need another machine to treat wrinkles and lines?

One of the big advantages of an established practice like the Collins Cosmetic Clinic is that we have a wide range of proven treatment options. We know that treatment choices are important to get the best results, because not only do different problems need different treatment plans, but the same problem in different areas and in different patients can need a different approach.

For the treatment of lines and wrinkles at the Collins Cosmetic Clinic we have an extensive range of options. These range from superficial dermal treatments such as Microdermabrasion and Laser Peels to deeper Laser and Radiofrequency treatments such as FRAXEL and INFINI to Injectables with Anti-wrinkle injections and Dermal Fillers. With so many options and an established history of already getting great results in treating wrinkles and lines, you might ask how does a Cosmetic Clinic run by medical doctors go about deciding whether to add another new technology like the TIXEL?

To Buy or not to Buy a New Device?

Well, as the ones outlaying the considerable cost of a new device it is not something we rush into. As a premium medical cosmetic practice, we continually strive to provide the best treatment options for our patients. As a business we need a return on investment to justify purchasing new equipment. In the decision-making process on whether to add another device such as a TIXEL to our range of treatments, we ask ourselves 5 main questions:

  • Does it Improve on what we already offer our patients? It needs to treat something patients want treated, that is there needs to be a market for what the device targets, and then most importantly it needs to achieve significantly better results than treatments that we already have.
  • Does it Work? We thoroughly research the evidence for how effective any new device is in achieving consistent, clinically significant results. We have been around long enough to know that many claims are made about cosmetic treatments and devices that are not true. We look at published clinical studies, we speak to other doctors who have been using the device already, and whenever possible we trial the device ourselves in our clinic.
  • Is it Safe? We want to know if there are side effects or any downtime associated with the treatment.
  • Is it Reliable? We check the manufacturer, the local distributor, and the service contract so we know any device we purchase can be maintained and regularly serviced so it always performs optimally.
  • Is it Cost Effective? The cost per treatment is determined by not only the cost of the machine but we need to factor in if there are consumable costs such as tips with each treatment. We also need to consider the time each treatment session takes and the number of treatment sessions needed to achieve a desired result.

How does TIXEL measure up?

The TIXEL is one such device that ticks all the boxes and after lengthy research we decided to add TIXEL to our treatment options at our clinic. The TIXEL allows us to finally get great results in previously difficult to treat areas, notably the fine lines under the eyes and the horizontal lines on the front of the neck. It also can significantly improve the results from other treatments that involve the application of topicals. Many clinical papers support both the efficacy and safety of the TIXEL, and we also trialed it in our rooms for 6 months with high patient satisfaction before we purchased the machine. The distributor in Australia for the TIXEL is Device Consulting who are Melbourne based and are highly respected in the aesthetic industry in terms of service and support. The TIXEL has a low cost of consumables and is a fairly quick treatment so the cost per treatment can be provided at far less than many Laser treatments.

How is TIXEL different?

The TIXEL is a revolutionary device as it safely delivers controlled heat at high temperature to the skin without burning the skin’s surface. The heating with TIXEL is more superficial than Lasers so there is less pain. As the TIXEL is not light-based protective eyewear is not needed and it is possible to treat very close to the eyes. The TIXEL provides an effective but not aggressive treatment that sits between the results of non-ablative and ablative Laser procedures. The high temperature makes the TIXEL a sterile procedure and it is a low downtime procedure.

The TIXEL uses Thermal Energy to target the surface of the skin in 2 very different ways. Firstly, the TIXEL can be used for stimulating collagen and skin tightening for skin rejuvenation and secondly the TIXEL can be used to create micro channels in the skin that allows the enhanced absorption of topical products when they are applied to the skins surface.

A small 1cm square titanium plate with a matrix of 81 tiny pyramid shaped pins delivers heat in a stamping pattern. Brief millisecond pulses treat the skin in a fractional mode meaning small zones are treated surrounded by normal skin which minimises skin reaction. The settings on the TIXEL are adjustable in the depth of penetration into the skin and the duration of the tip in the skin. This allows us to tailor treatments to the skin condition being treated, skin type of the patient and downtime that is acceptable.

The TIXEL can improve fine lines, wrinkles and skin texture as well as reduce pore size. Acne scars can be treated, and it is a great option for general rejuvenation not only on the face but also neck, chest and backs of hands. The TIXEL can also be used in the enhanced delivery of topical products through the skin to improve results in treating skin conditions such as Melasma.

At the Collins Cosmetic Clinic we have been treating wrinkle and fine line concerns for over 20 years. We are proud of providing our patients with the latest proven treatment options and this is why we chose to add the TIXEL to complement our existing range of treatment options. The TIXEL is a low downtime and cost effective procedure that can target areas that are otherwise difficult to treat. For more information on TIXEL including preparation, aftercare, costs, and frequently asked questions visit our website page on TIXEL If you have any other questions about TIXEL or would like to make an appointment for a consultation about the TIXEL feel free to ring our rooms on 03 96545720 or email us on 

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