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4 Things to know about TIXEL skin treatments

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  • Published

    May 18, 2022

  • Written by

    Dr Garth Dicker

At the Collins Cosmetic Clinic, we are so happy to have the TIXEL as one of our skin treatment options. We have been using the TIXEL for nearly 3 years and our patients have been rapt with the results that are able to be achieved. The TIXEL skin treatment is discussed on our website  but five key things to know about the TIXEL you may not be aware of are:


Rather than relying on older light-based technology such as LASER and IPL the TIXEL uses pure heat. The TIXEL treatment works through what is called Thermo-mechanical ablation and despite quite high temperatures being applied to the skins surface it is much less painful than LASER treatments. This is because the high heat generated from the TIXEL drops in temperature quickly as it penetrates the surface of the skin. By comparison the heat from a LASER concentrates in the deeper layers of the skin and because this is where the pain receptors are located it makes LASER more painful.


TIXEL treatments can be tailored to the individual needs of a patient. The amount of any TIXEL treatment downtime is dependent on the settings and the same results can be achieved with lower settings and less downtime but more treatments. The 2 main variables that we adjust on the TIXEL are the depth of penetration of the pulses (called Protrusion level) as well as how much energy is delivered with each pulse (called Exposure time). In areas of delicate skin, the depth of penetration is set to a very shallow setting whilst in other areas of thicker skin the TIXEL is adjusted to target deeper areas.


The fine lines around the eye and especially under the eye have been very difficult to treat effectively in the past. For many years we have tried various topical creams, antiwrinkle injections and dermal fillers but have had limited success in this area. Fortunately, the TIXEL has finally given us a very effective treatment for this region. As TIXEL is not a light-based treatment it can safely treat the upper and lower eye area including right up to the eye lashes.


The main problem with applying topical solutions and creams to the skin’s surface is that they don’t get absorbed well. The skin barrier means many topicals just sit on the top of the skin. The TIXEL produces multiple tiny channels in the skin, and it has been found applying certain topicals on to the skin’s surface after a TIXEL treatment results in greatly enhanced absorption and effectiveness. We have found TIXEL Assisted Drug delivery (TAD) can work well for scar reduction by applying steroid on the skin’s surface after TIXEL rather than by injection. We have also used it to improve the results of photodynamic therapy and in difficult Melasma cases. There are reports it can help Rosacea as well and this is an exciting area of research and many more applications for the TIXEL are likely to be found in the future.

If you have any other questions regarding TIXEL and how it can help improve your skin or would like to make an appointment for a TIXEL consultation, feel free to ring our rooms on 03 96545720 or email us on


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