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Facial Anatomy: Opening Your Eyes

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Facial Anatomy: Opening Your Eyes
  • Published

    March 24, 2014

  • Written by

    Dr Garth Dicker

Every face is unique, and we all want it to look and feel as best as possible. At Collins Cosmetic Clinic, we can help you achieve results that will make your skin look younger and feel fresher.

Understanding how we age, and how our faces work, can give us greater insight into managing our skin. In this video, we begin by examining how our facial muscles work, showing how repeated muscle movement and expressions can affect appearances in the long term.

The first part of the video looks at these facial muscles in detail, focusing on the upper section of the face (known as upper face). We’ll also look at how Collins Cosmetic Clinic can help you find the right solution for managing – whether through treatment or prevention – facial lines and wrinkles. In the second part of the video, professional make-up artist Rae Morris will demonstrate how you can enhance the look of your skin with simple techniques aimed at maximising the overall appearance of your face.

Facial Muscles

Muscle contractions, which occur when you smile or frown for instance, can significantly affect the look of your face over time, causing lines and wrinkles to crop up in highly visible, prominent areas. In the upper face in particular, we are prone to getting wrinkles and lines like crow’s feet, frown lines and forehead lines.

As natural ageing occurs, these wrinkles and lines become static wrinkles – wrinkles that are visible even when no muscles are being contracted. At Collins Cosmetic Clinic, we offer a number of solutions and treatments to correct, and prevent, the build-up of unsightly wrinkles in the upper face, particularly around the eyes and forehead.

Collins Cosmetic Clinic offers wide-ranging options for rejuvenation and enhancement, including muscle relaxants, dermal fillers and skin treatments, helping to reduce lines and wrinkles while also improving skin quality and texture.

Collins Cosmetic Clinic Treatments

Wrinkle relaxation treatments have become an increasingly important cosmetic practice for millions around the world. They are used to relax the specific facial muscles that can create undesirable lines and wrinkles; when relaxed, they reduce and prevent the build-up of lines, resulting in a fresher, more open appearance.

Dermal fillers are another popular option, volumizing the areas beneath the eyes to give off an appearance of vibrancy and vitality. They can also be used to volumize the brow area to create more youthful appearances in women of all ages. Volumizing fillers enhance or restore structure, volume and youthful contours to more prominent areas of the face like jaw lines and cheeks.

Collins Cosmetic Clinic cosmetic skin treatments can also be used to improve skin texture and quality, minimising broken capillaries, pigmentation issues, sun spots, freckles, blemishes, redness or rosacea. Our experienced Collins Cosmetic Clinic clinicians can advise which skin treatments are appropriate for you; treatments range from cosmeceutical to resurfacing techniques such as chemical peels, dermabrasion and laser.

To learn more about the benefits of facial wrinkle treatments, or to book an appointment, contact Collins Cosmetic Clinic and speak to one of our expert clinicians.

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