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What is Laser Acne Therapy?

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What is Laser Acne Therapy?
  • Published

    March 24, 2014

  • Written by

    Dr Garth Dicker

Laser acne therapy is an effective method of addressing the primary causes of acne, using projections of light, performed in a series of spurts, to achieve this. Laser therapy allows acne sufferers the opportunity to reduce the severity of both acne and scarring, bypassing the need for medication and the side effects associated with drugs.

Prescription based acne drugs and lotions, administered on affected areas, tend to treat symptoms only, whereas laser therapy seeks to tackle not only the symptoms but, more importantly, the underlying cause of the acne.

Essentially, laser acne therapy shoots invisible rays of light on the affected area of the skin, which are absorbed by the sebaceous glands. This serves to address the excessive secretion of oil in the skin glands, which is a fundamental root cause of acne. Moreover, laser acne therapy can destroy bacteria found within clogged pores, while simultaneously reducing the effect of blemishes caused by acne.

Collins Cosmetic Clinic uses a form of laser therapy containing Fraxel technology, which improves the efficiency and effectiveness of laser acne treatment therapy.

Why should I get Laser Acne Therapy?

The short answer is that laser acne therapy using Fraxel technology can help significantly reduce the inflammation and appearance of acne – to the point of removing it completely and permanently.

For many people, who have tried a range of purported cures and acne prevention techniques, laser therapy offers an unobtrusive and harmless way of drastically improving skin that is prone to acne or has been damaged by scarring. In just over a month, laser acne therapy can effectively reduce 70-90 per cent of inflammatory acne; compared with creams or antibiotic drugs, Fraxel laser therapy attains superior results.

What is extremely impressive about laser acne therapy is that it can prevent acne outbreaks for up to 8 months, requiring only occasional follow-up treatments thereafter to sustain the regenerated, healthy looking skin. Fraxel laser therapy can significantly help your skin create new collagen, which is the primary method by which scarring is removed.

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